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Kirsten White MC, R.Psych is able to offer provisional psychologists supervision on and off site (October 2024)

More information to come....


Practicum Program:

There are a limited number of spots open to Masters of Counselling Psychology practicum placements. 

About Kirsten as a Supervisor

Philosophy and approach to clinical supervision


Supervision is an interpersonal collaborative relationship and agreement where a more experienced professional will monitor, evaluate, and guide another less experienced professional in order to improve clinical effectiveness, professional development, and competency as a Psychologist/Counsellor.

Function of Supervision

Supervision is used to monitor the supervisee’s clinical work and to evaluate their competency and readiness to continue in the psychology profession. The supervisor is monitoring this work to ensure the safety of others and provide support in the growth of the clinician’s practice.  In psychology this is to increase the quality control of psychologists.

  • quality control and practicing safe and ethical practice

  • Maintain and transform competency and capabilities

  • Increase work efficacy to be able to work independently, develop own professional identity, resiliency, critical reflection and self awareness

Theoretical Orientation 

My style of supervision comes from an existential- humanistic approach. Farber (2010) describes the aim of this approach: “humanistic– existential psychotherapy supervision aims to expand the trainee’s knowledge of theory and technique, facilitate exploration of the person of the psychotherapist, and cultivate skills in the use of self as a change agent.” 


Along with this humanistic-existential supervision framework, my practice is also informed by neurobiological attachment-based theories and narrative therapy.

Influence of therapeutic orientation on supervision and supervisory relationship:

  • goals and self-awareness are set by the Supervisee and determined level of competency is collaboratively established.  

  • some quality controls are set out by the profession and ethical standards must also be a goal. 

  • growth is facilitated by self-reflection and guidance from supervisor.

  • Experiential, this means I show rather than teach.

I meet you where you are at and help you identify what areas you are needing to grow into. 

This experience will be transformative as we explore your areas of competencies. 


I would like to see therapists grow and become the therapists they want to be with their own approach.

Practicum Placements

The Ideal Candidate would be:

  • someone who is autonomous and responsible

  • Is able to self reflect and work with feedback.

  • someone who is taking care of their own mental health

  • take initiative in the areas they want to work in, as well as setting their own goals

  • someone who is comfortable working with high intensity emotion and areas around death, dying, spirituality, and suicide

  • culturally sensitive and respectful

  • ethically minded

  • An interest in attachment, somatic therapeutic approaches, holistic care, and mindfulness practices.

What to expect at Lark and Raven

Private practice placements require someone who is also interested in being a self starter, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and able to handle more of the administrative tasks involved in providing therapy in a private setting. 

There is a lot of flexibility in terms of the areas you'd like to grow into and is not only focus on grief (death loss). 

Practicum students will be supported with 1:1 support from the supervisor in reflective practice with a focus on increasing capacity and confidence in individual counselling sessions, practice in the use of micro skills, building understanding and application of a theoretical orientation, and working towards the goals of the practicum outlined by the supervisee and their University. 

Our practicum program will include: 

  • Opportunities to observe and co-facilitate individual sessions and build capacity to work independently with clients. 

  • providing in-person therapy sessions with clients

  • Weekly supervision with practicum supervisor as well as ongoing supervision as needed. 

  • Participation in monthly grief consultation meeting  

  • Co-facilitation of therapeutic groups

  • Video recording of counselling sessions (with client consent) for review with supervisor. 

  • Maintain confidential client case notes and learn skills in case conceptualization

  • You will gain experience with working in a private practice setting


Populations you can work with:

Depending on your interests and/or University requirements, this placement is open to a wide range of populations in terms of ages. Children, adolescents, or adults can be seen in our practice. 

Areas of therapy that you will be working with (not just grief):

  • grief, bereavement, and end-of-life (not always death related) 

    • This also includes relationship endings, chronic illness, relocation, life transitions, spirituality, identity changes, living with illness,  etc.​

  • trauma, PTSD 

  • attachment and relationship challenges

  • parenting support and family support 

  • chronic illness and stress

  • mood disorders (anxiety and depression) 

  • stress management

  • caregivers 

  • ADHD

Program Requirements 

  • Applicant must be completing a M.A. Counselling or M.A. Counselling Psychology 

  • Commitment of two days per week (Sundays - Wednesdays). A minimum of one evening OR a Sunday is required. 

  • Resume and cover letter stating the student’s particular interest in a practicum at Lark & Raven Wellness. Please include the post-secondary institution’s requirements of the practicum (e.g., number of direct client hours, requirements of supervision/supervisor, limitations, etc.) 


Deadline for applications: May 25th 2024 

Interviews will take place in May-June and decision finalized no later than June 10th. 
Please submit applications to: Kirsten White (

Thanks for submitting!

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