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Christine Odour

Certified Canadian Counsellor


Education & Certifications:


A Bit About Me

Hello Everyone, 

Embarking on a journey of healing and growth is a courageous step, and I am here to walk alongside you through the intricacies of your unique path. As a dedicated Counselling Therapist and one who has experienced first-hand loss of a loved one, my passion lies in guiding individuals, couples, and families through the profound landscapes of grief and loss, caregiving and end-of-life/palliative care.

Grief & loss, end of life, caregiving and related traumas, can cast shadows that seem overwhelming, exhausting, and painful threatening to keep one feeling hopeless in despair, helpless and unable to function fully.  While grief is a normal reaction to loss, and many people recover normally with positive adaptations, not everyone is able to do so and will need a helping hand along the way. I am a firm believer in harnessing the power of strengths that each of us possess, which serve as positive buffers.


In our collaborative journey, I draw upon an integrative tapestry of evidence-based practices, expertly weaving together modalities like Narrative Therapy, Existential Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Trauma-Informed Approaches.  I encourage a wholistic approach to grief recovery that incorporates Mindful based and Somatic Practices. This tailored approach ensures that we co-create a space where your experiences find significance, understanding, and transformation.


I work with youth and adults through individual therapy. I can support you with. I also offer therapeutic support for grief, bereavement, caregiving and end-of-life challenges and palliative care. I can also provide unique support for general areas of death and dying issues that might not include a terminal illness or death of a loved one.


I can offer grief support for parents and teens who are struggling with grief or bereavement.

End-of-Life Support

I can support with anticipatory grief, care-giving and palliative care to both the family, significant others, and patient themselves.

Life & Death Areas

This might include oncological support, chronic illness, existential areas, anticipatory grief, caregiver support, medical traumas, near death experiences, or death anxiety.

Therapeutic Approach 

My therapeutic approach is grounded in attachment theory, strength based and empathically client centered. Guided by a culturally sensitive perspective, I am committed to understanding the nuances of your experiences within their broader cultural context. Through a lens that honors diversity, we will work collaboratively to cultivate resilience and discover the wellsprings of your inherent strength to rise above the debilitating effects of the grief experience.

Whether you are an individual seeking solace, a couple navigating intricate challenges, or a family in search of harmony, I am dedicated to nurturing a safe haven where your voice is valued, your experiences are validated, and your aspirations are ignited. Your grief journey is unique, and my mission is to illuminate the path toward a more empowered and fulfilled you. Together, we will uncover the tapestry of your narratives, fostering growth, healing, and profound connections.

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2003-14th St NW Calgary, Alberta 

(403) 524 4560

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