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Kristi-Anna Steiestol

M.Ed., Registered Psychologist


Education & Certifications:

College of Alberta Psychologists (2014)

A Bit About Me

Helping people to navigate life's complexities, reconnect with meaning, and find language for their experiences are passions for Kristi-Anna. She is sincere, down-to-earth, and a careful listener. Cancer (patients & family members), grief, navigating change, and making sense of the past and present are areas she often works with. She also helps clients who are contemplating whether or not to remain in present situations, including relationships, jobs, or educational trajectories, where people can sometimes feel stuck, constricted, or on auto-pilot. Her approach is humanistic, trauma-sensitive, and non-pathologizing.


Kristi-Anna's training and professional experiences in cancer care, hospital, intensive care, rural medicine, and inpatient mental health settings have helped her to understand and appreciate the interconnection between the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of people. 


Kristi-Anna had the opportunity to specialize in psychosocial oncology/cancer care as a graduate student. She continues to work extensively with individuals navigating cancer experiences, and finds great meaning in this. She has taken additional graduate coursework to better understand trauma from neurobiological, psychological, and cultural perspectives. 


Kristi-Anna works with adults through individual therapy.

Only Virtual Services are offered for people residing in Alberta.

Cancer/psychosocial oncology. Adapting to life with and after a cancer diagnosis (patients and family members)


Grief & Loss

Reconnecting with Meaning

Supporting Health Care workers

Navigating Major Life Changes

Therapeutic Approach 

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Therapeutic Modalities

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2003-14th St NW Calgary, Alberta 

(403) 524 4560

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