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Lark & Raven Wellness

A centre for grief, trauma, and holistic well-being.

This wellness centre began in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Moh’kinsstis) to offer people groups, services, and resources that attend to the need for grief therapy, trauma therapy, life transitions, end-of-life (palliative) care, and overall mental health.


Lark and Raven Wellness Centre is a private practice that also collaborates with other working professionals to offer a wide range of care services.


The lark is a symbol of joy and hope. They are the songbirds that call us home in the morning. They are our symbol for rebirth and the start of the day. The raven is the symbol of death and the night. They are full of wisdom and protection in our darkest hours. They guide us on our journeys.

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Virtual & in-person therapy

We offer therapeutic services in person in Calgary (Moh’kinsstis). 

Virtual sessions are available for all of Alberta and the Atlantic provinces.

Our services are for all ages and are not limited to grief therapy.

We offer support for caregivers, end-of-life challenges, oncological support, support workers or palliative care workers, grief/bereavement workers, and families struggling with death and dying.

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Therapeutic services

Psychologist Grief Therapy

Effective therapy and counselling for those dealing with grief, end-of-life challenges, caregiver supports, pet death, and palliative care.

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Education services

Education in areas of grief counselling, bereavement, death and dying, and practical supportive topics such as stress management. 

Areas we support in addition to grief & trauma >>>>


Cancer Diagnosis

Medical Trauma

Chronic Illness

Life Transitions

Death Anxiety &
Anticipatory Grief


We support families who are faced with cancer diagnoses, whether the prognosis is terminal or not. This therapeutic support addresses the concerns of the patient and family as they undergo treatments and process of healing.

From a trauma-informed perspective, we treat medical trauma and support people with their unique medical experiences.

Chronic illness presents a number of challenges including grief, anxiety, depression, and existential questions. We hope to support you in a holistic way to manage thoughts, feelings, and body with compassion and hope. 

Transitions in life often mean a transformation and grief in moving into the next phase of your journey. Therapeutic support can be helpful in making these transformations easier.

From a trauma-informed perspective, we can help you approach your fears surrounding death and work through any grief that may be in anticipation of a death. 

If you are family caregiver or professional caregiver (e.g., palliative care nurse, doctor, healthcare aide), we understand the impacts of stress and unique support that caregivers often need. We can provide a safe space to support you.

Book an appointment

Meet our wellness team and schedule your intake session.

We offer a 15-minute free consult call to discover if we would be a good fit.

Feel free to email us or use our contact form to inquire about a therapist that would work best for you.

Art Therapy Group for Grieving Teens Poster.jpg


Art Therapy Group for Grieving Teens

This is a therapy group that aims to facilitate healing for teens struggling with their grief from any kind of loss. 

Thursday Evenings at 530pm, 8 Weeks (2 hours long)

Location: TBD, Calgary, AB

$700/person (insurance providers may cover a portion of this group, check with your provider. Facilitated by a Registered Psychologist)

*Light Snacks + Art Supplies/Kits will be provided*


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2003-14th St NW Calgary, Alberta 

(403) 524 4560

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